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29-09-08, 09:46
Someone told me the other day that the RNSYC is going to move (with its moorings?) into the Mercator dock.
Is this right? Anyone know any more?

Phoenix of Hamble
29-09-08, 11:31
Not heard that...... Guapa is your man.... he's a regular visitor, friends with Robert the harbourmaster, and I believe (although he will deny it vehemently!) previously a member of the RNSYC committee.....

29-09-08, 14:42
The Mercator Marina was till a couple of years ago run by the City of Ostend. It's still owned by the city, but it's now run on a day to day basis by the RNSYC.

There are NO plans to move the RNSYC moorings in the Montgomery dock.

However, there are plans to create another marina in the Vuurtorendok - port side as you come in - through the Vissersluis.
These plans are very much tentative as they are being opposed by various interests.
I think the long term plan was to move some of the RYCO pontoons there, as they lost quite a bit of capacity when their site was redeveloped.

29-09-08, 14:50
No plans for the club itself to move either, then?

29-09-08, 15:02
The RNSYC club house is not moving.
There will be some renovation of the building in the 'near future' - extension of the restaurant/bar, new showers, etc...

29-09-08, 16:05
OK, good to hear that things are staying much the same.