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29-09-08, 16:11
Last month the (t)rusty old ketch was out for three weeks whilst I carried out repairs to the hull, a small amount of welding to the stern had to be carried out to repair the damage done this time last year, When I was rammed in the marina ( dammed painful) by a delivery skipper on route to Ireland.

The damage was extensive and not reported to the marina, but thanks to cctv we tracked down the culprit and with a bit of persuasion got paid ( thank you )

I took three weeks cos i wanted to paint the whole thing rather than the repair, thanks to the weather I didnt finish the decks so when ever the sun has been out ive been on deck on my mooring with sanding blocks and a paintbrush.

Nice and sunny on Sunday so brush in hand got stuck into some more of the deck, noticing that the tin was running low I jumped into the dinghy to get a new tin. Gone maybe 40 minutes, when I get back another yacht starts circling me and throws me a message in a bottle ( thank you ) inside it are the details of another vessel that whilst attempting to pick upon a mooring drifted the 100 feet or so into me and got wrapped up in my bow sprit (steel thankfully) the pulpit is now bent !
Whilst attempting to extricate themselves from this mess their stanchion was broken and the jagged edge has gone into my hull and taken the fairing off back to the steel in quite a large patch and damaged the teak rubbing strake that I so lovingly coated in 6 layers of gold (coelan) !!!

Yes that would be the steel I JUST PAINTED. oh and then headed off into the sunset, but thanks to my good samaritan I had the vessels name and the direction they went !!

So armed with a description, a pencil, a piece of paper and my camera phone I give chase and confront said gentleman and politely ask for details. which I now have ... hopefully the insurance details will follow shortly and the claim will be straight forward....... hopefully . (I will keep you all informed)

Accidents happen, but why always to me , or do others suffer as badly ?................ depressed of Bristol

29-09-08, 16:27
Sorry to hear the sad tale.
You were of course profoundly unlucky to have been struck twice, but similarly lucky to have been able to get details from your Samaritan - well done them - and to have caught up with the culprit who appears to have owned up in one sense or another. Our pulpit got destroyed in Gib through some unknown ar-ehole, may they rot. Our insurers GJW did pay up without a problem, but of course not the first 250 or whatever painful amount it was.

29-09-08, 17:39
Just out of interest, did the aforementioned git offer any apologies and/or explanations for leaving of leaving the scene of an accident??!!!

30-09-08, 07:26
No real explanation or apology, just a ... well we did hit you but I didnt think there was any damage

Capn Pugwash
30-09-08, 16:13
No real explanation or apology, just a ... well we did hit you but I didnt think there was any damage

[/ QUOTE ]

Got thumped last week by a yacht. SWMBO was on board asleep in the aft stateroom. On arising from her slumbers, she opened the hatch and berated the crew for sloppy driving. Next time she assures me that she will put some clothes on first!


30-09-08, 16:32
Ive been hit a couple of times in the past, just a few scratches and nothing major luckily. Does any one know what the maritime legal situation is iif they hit you and then clear off. I think if someone drives their car into your parked car on a road and disapears without leaving details, you can report them for hit and run driving?

30-09-08, 16:42
We got hit in Chichester Marina a few years ago. The cuprit left bits of his starboard navigation lights left on my deck - he bent the davitts badly.

A quick look down the motor boats and I quickley found the cuprit. The marina would not ket me know who he was, but they contacted him and after some threats, got it paid for OK.

Moral of the story is don't leave evidence behind!