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04-10-08, 09:45
The Volvo Ocean Race is due to start on the 4th October with an in-port race. Scuttlebutters have joined two online games which allow you to race against thousands of others alongside the real life participants in their Volvo Open 70's

Essentially it is a navigation race, where we must instruct our virtual boats around the world issuing instructions in course changes. The skill comes in reading the real weather forecasts (overlayed on the chart in the game) requiring you to choose the most efficient course around the globe, this isn't always the shortest course as there is significant speed differences depending on the wind angle, just as in real life.

The "official" volvo ocean racing game is taking the race one step further with the ability to purchase various add-ons for a nominal sum. Scuttlebutters have chosen to level the field in the group with a Gentlemen's agreement to not purchase any add-ons. However, should the shop become free then we will re-evaluate that agreement.

For us mere mortals who wish to join in with the race from the comfort of our armchair/sofa/office desk the two options are:

http://www.volvooceanracegame.org - this is completely online within a web browser

YBW forums have a group called Scuttlebutt - to join please send me (Fireball) a PM here with your boat name.
Please remember to activate your account before requesting an invitation to the group.


http://sailonline.org/ - this currently requires a client download, a web based version should be out soon.
There is currently no group facility, as an alternative we are adopting a prefix "YBW" in front of our boat names.

All that remains is a wish of Fair winds to all!


PS Thanks to Fireball for organising this, and you can follow the real Volvo Oceans Race at Yachting World (http://www.yachtingworld.com)

07-10-08, 14:17
I'll stick to sailonline. As before, srednivashtar is me.

08-10-08, 13:06
Thanks Dan,

Where or who are the IPC team? there must be some racing talent in your offices?

08-10-08, 13:16
I'm sorry to say we haven't got anyone from IPC in the race - not as far as I know anyway. Actually, is it too late to join?

08-10-08, 13:18
Nope - you can still sign up!! Just put a ybw infront of your login name so we can easily identify you .... /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

08-10-08, 16:37
If Dan joins in, will that slow down the IPC server? /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

Phoenix of Hamble
08-10-08, 16:46
Only if he stops pedalling while he's trying to work out his course..... /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

08-10-08, 18:24

17-10-08, 18:31
I'm not racing talent, but I'm having a play....

Snooks was taken, so I'm now Tangled up

Loitering around 17500th /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

17-10-08, 18:38
Ah, you want to try SOL .... start now and you'll be 838th!!

18-10-08, 12:25
I've only registered with the VOR game, haven't looked at the Sailonline game, if I was to join now, would I start plum last at the very start?


18-10-08, 12:28
yup - but you're only a week late....

18-10-08, 13:13
The only way is up. Count it as practice for the next leg

18-10-08, 15:40
Well I was 838, now I'm 705th...but light winds are hampering me...then again starting a week late is hampering me even more.....ho hum, save a place for me at the bar!!

Oh and on the VOR race...anyone else notice that the first 4 seem to be just two people? Their names are very similar....hmmmm

18-10-08, 18:44
Well i only found out about this forum today!

I thought everyone was on the VOR game, as I have been, and doing not too bad on it.

Didn't realise the forum were mainly concentrating on the Sailonline game instead.

I tried to register today, and download the software it told me too, but my laptop wouldn't let me, and its says not enough memory!

Will need to wait till Monday at work and do it there instead.

Spyro, yes, And I need the practise!!! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif



18-10-08, 18:52
This goes on for nine months. As you say, use this leg for practice. They haven't started registering the next leg yet but I understand you can register and set off in the next leg even if you haven't finished this one.

Put ybw in front of your name when you register.

You should note that all the friendly banter you read is a cover for some serious backstabbing and name calling. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

18-10-08, 20:59
Oi ... none of that name calling Dipstick .... /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

02-03-09, 16:10
They use Dyneema ropes from this site
www.fsonline.co.uk (http://www.fsonline.co.uk)

01-05-09, 15:01
There is great initiative to race an online race in parallel with the Original Single Handed Transatlantic Race (OSTAR) with a chance to win a cash prize while raising funds for cancer research. Starts May 25th. The game is similar to the online game during the Vendee Globe. The game is hosted by Sailonline.org

full details on www.jamorph.com/blogstar/virtualostar (http://www.jamorph.com/blogstar/virtualostar)

13-05-09, 13:09
I install as I want to play (don't take that long on 20 meg), I have loads of games with Steam but only a few installed.

I do miss a manual to read on the bog though

26-05-09, 14:52
Dan, shouldn't this forum be renamed to The Sailonline.org Racing Forum? I might be wrong but I think SOL has more of a YBW following than Volvo Oceans.

04-02-10, 04:58
Hi to All,
I like to take part in race and wanted to join in SOL but do not
know how to ? So please help me I also want to. Thanks in advance.

04-02-10, 22:34
Hi to All,
I like to take part in race and wanted to join in SOL but do not
know how to ? So please help me I also want to. Thanks in advance.

Head Here
And click on getting started

Good luck