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15-10-08, 20:36
It gives me great pleasure to announce a new yachting section on RomeReview.com


After we arrived in Fiumicino in September I found that RomeReview.com was one of the best English language resources about Rome available, with a wide range of quality information and podcasts. I made contact with CharlieQ, the webmaster, and we have set up a yachting section. However, RomeReview.com is not a discussion forum and Dan Foley has kindly offered to host this thread on YBW.com as an ongoing 'Rome' discussion thread.

For the record, on my side this is entirely non-profit making - I don't expect or want any income from this (which saves me being disappointed); it is simply information by yachties, for yachties. We are still in the process of getting more information together so do please keep visiting and add to what is already there.

I would like to thank CharlieQ from RomeReview.com and Dan Foley of YBW.com, who have made this possible.

16-10-08, 07:24
Well done, David - but I can't get the page to load? (Thursday morning)

16-10-08, 07:43
Jim, neither can I, this morning, the entire site RomeReview.com seems to be down at the time of writing. That's bad luck! Will email CharlieQ. - David

16-10-08, 08:21
Jim, it's back up again now. We don't know what caused it. Something to do with the credit crunch, no doubt /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

16-10-08, 16:59
Hi Lemain, REally well done, nice to keep in touch with happenings in Rome area. this link http://www.captainwiki.com/index.php?title=Rome%2C_Italy still works, but I think may need updating, but probably still useful. Good sailing to all,

16-10-08, 19:10
Hi Paul, Thanks for that - a really useful resource that can be updated and added to as required during the winter.

18-10-08, 22:27
I've had terrible trouble in finding a decent electronic dictionary English/Italian. I have a Franklin Spellmaster that takes modules and the Spanish module is superb - it includes the conjugated verbs (e.g. it recognises 'hablas' as the second person singular of the verb 'hablar'). This is essential, of course, in the very early days when you don't even recognise the part of speech let alone the infinitive! Unfortunately, the Franklin does not include conjugated verbs in the Italian version.

After discussion with Beiks - www.beiks.com (http://www.beiks.com) - they have now included conjugated verbs in version 6 of their Italian dictionary for the Palm operating system. It works a treat, giving you the tense, infinitive and person (e.g. 'parlo' fist person singular of the verb 'parlare'). They also sell a verb conjugator which I will try, but is of more use to students of Italian.

If anyone else has information on translators and dictionaries, please share that information here. I will post this to www.romereview.com/yachting (http://www.romereview.com/yachting) in due course.

22-10-08, 21:40
I'm meeting up with romereview.com tomorrow. Would anyone like me to raise anything?

24-10-08, 18:52
Hi Lemain, & others, There was an english language book section in the Library of the Yacht Club di Roma in Porto Turistico Di Roma.Very useful during the winter.Is it still possible to have membership by the day or week beginning at 5. per day? I remember getting great use out of a few days at a time, especially as they had lovely widescreen TV's in two separate lounges, a super pool room (snooker but not as we know it) and nice staff.The liveaboards used to meet up there and have all kinds of activities incl dancing lessons.Deep discounts are possible in the chandlers simply by being courteous and knowledgeable, not necessarily in Italian either.Pity those in the Fiumicino are so distant from the others in Port turistico. I have made the journey between the two, by bicycle,but it means going on the busy main road, a little scary.Undoubtedly the cuisine in the Fiumicino is far better than Porto Turistico, which now has a McDonalds, and the other restaurants are a little expensive.Still, I have very fond memories of our 2 years in the area, and it was tops for cheap trains and buses to everywhere about, even Naples and Venice were reachable with cheap Eurostar tickets bought online.Trenitalia website is a bit like Heathrow on a bad day, but persevere, epecially if one is a senior of about +60, as spectacular 2 for 1 deals are offered.Hostel of the Sun in Naples is safe and friendly, Google for this.Good wintering to all the liveaboards in Roma! maybe you'll find a bottle of "Goats do Roma"or "Basket case chianti" occasionally to cope with the long evenings and to remind one of the spring days somewhat further ahead!Bye for now, /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

24-10-08, 21:15
Hi Paul, We are some way from PTR so I can't go in to check...I think someone told me that the club is around 40 per month now? Were you there last winter (2007/8) or the year before? - David

25-10-08, 08:32
Hi David, I think it was 2005.The next year the prices went up and many liveaboards headed for Greece etc. We went as far as Malta, but this year came back to Golf of Fos, France for a haulout overwinter.Commitments ashore until next summer, so no cruising till then!

25-10-08, 09:15
Paul, the prices seemed high to us....there were no berths available via PTR itself and we were referred to brokers. The prices quoted all had added to that a huge sum for car parking even if you had no car! We were there for a short while and rented a car but were not allowed to take it into the marina car park despite there being nearly 2000 totally empty spaces! We considered it to be particularly bad value for money although friends stayed there last winter and were very happy.

The story about the club is coming back to me....it is something quite high per month and only about 30% of the liveaboards choose to spend that, dividing the already small community into 'clubbers' and 'non-clubbers'.

We are very happy at Constellation Nautica - the staff are nice, and two Dutch yachts with liveaboards. Friendly and helpful, but not intrusive, which is how we like it. We are starting to meet non-boaty types in Rome, which is nice.

As everyone says, a key feature of being in this area is closeness to Rome and the Italian rail network - Venice, Firenze,.... Paris, Zurich,.... all is possible from 2nd Class travel to overnight first class Wagon Lits, whichever you like. Connections are far better here than southern Spain, there is no doubt about that.

26-10-08, 09:15
Hi David,
Yes Fiumicino City is hard to beat for access all modes. Even went skiing up to a place called Campo Felice near to l'Aquila by hire car,and got good snow, which more or less diappeared when we were leaving. Nice crowd up there and a very friendly hotel and owner.Her son had played under 18 rugby for Aquila in Dublin against Blackrock u 18.s so his piccy's were proudly displayed on the bar wall!Needless to remark we were thus VIP's and the home made grappa was produces after dinner. Great sleep! Serious rival to "poitin" It is strictly cash economy there, even if the money does come out of an ATM in the first place. So some readies are essential for day today stuff.Bye for now, good wintering to all the liveaboards.

26-10-08, 22:33
I'm a forum member and I've lived in Rome for a very long time. I'll be around for another month before I start my Caribbean adventure! If you need assistance or even suggestions (Campo Felice for skiing was a good one) I would pleased, time and errand permitting to help. PM me.


27-10-08, 06:56
Many thanks, PM sent /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

27-10-08, 07:05
That sounds good. Where did you hire the car from? We are having trouble finding a reasonable car hire place round here. There is one in Fiumicino (adjacent to the supermarket) but there is an insurance issue - they don't have an upper limit on the insurance excess and will only say (and then only verbally) that the limit is 20% of the damage done. While I have insurance that pays any excess I have to pay when hiring a car, the limit is 2000 and the car hire firm refuse to cap the risk. Completely unacceptable. The only others that I have found are actually on the airport and they are expensive (they all have offices along Via Portuense near Fiumicino but they refuse to rent from them). The best I can get at the moment for ad-hoc days is 60 unlimited mileage or 37 with only 100km then a punitive rate per km thereafter, both from the airport which is a huge pain - bus-airport-airport-bus. There must be some firm round here that would be glad of regular business at a reasonable price!

03-11-08, 17:16
Hi Lemain, bbilly,thanks for your kind remarks.As regards car hire, I have always used the internet for making the deal, and never more than a week .Collected at Leonardo Da Vinci airport.I usually take the risk when hiring.My friend has like yourself an extra policy which makes up the difference, I may look at this option.If you have two policies covering the same risk, it is unfair!

Best Regards to all liveaboards,