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18-11-08, 11:36
This is in as-new condition, having been used on only two occasions (on an aborted trip).

Weight: 25kg.
Model: the rigid one.

There's plenty of information and photos on this url:

On the two occasions we set it, it was highly impressive. "Gripped like death" commented one experienced crew member.

It was expensive, I got it sent over from the US.
Offers invited.

If you want a photo of it, pm me and I'll email you one, but it is as shown on the url above.

Location: at my home near Didcot, Oxfordshire.

18-11-08, 11:44
url not working for me

18-11-08, 12:18
You're right -this url is not working. Not on my post, anyway.
I found it on the web by googling and typing in Super Max 16 Anchor; up popped a page full of items and this was right at the top (or close to the top). So maybe try googling now?

18-11-08, 12:22
Maybe it needs the 3 w's included?

18-11-08, 12:48
Remove the dot after html in your link /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Colvic Watson
18-11-08, 15:19
like this (http://creativemarine.com/catalog/text/anchor.html)

18-11-08, 15:30
That works! /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Iguana Dance
18-06-10, 07:12
We had a rigid stype supermax anchor and used it in several different bottom types. We had nothing but problems with it so I called the company that makes it and talked to the person that designed it. I tried everything he said and still had very poor luck with the anchor. Now, after several years of using different anchors and getting more experience I'm disgusted with the whole concept of the rigid supermax. It's virtually designed to pull out of the bottom after it gets set, once the wind picks up. The flukes are angled slightly up from parallel to the shaft. It sets okay, but not well, at first but after the wind tugs at your boat a few times it keeps coming up more and more rather than digging deeper and deeper like you want your anchor to do. The owner of the company told me I needed to dive on the anchor every time I put it down to make sure it was laying on its side. The practicality of that is ridiculous and even if you do it, which I did many times, the anchor will often turn itself to put the flukes down and shaft up and it pulls out again!
DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF BUYING A RIGID SUPERMAX ANCHOR!! The adjustable ones should work better but I didn't try one and won't bother. We now use a galvanized french Spade anchor and it has set and stayed set in every bottom we've seen now for many many restful nights of sleep even in heavy weather. Yes, I've dived to look at it a lot and without fail it has grabbed and dug down and disappeared into the bottom. Comes out easy when you want to get it up because of it's curved shaft. Expensive anchor but well worth it every night the wind howls!
We finally returned the supermax to the manufacturer for a partial (even though they guaranteed a complete) refund. The refund we got didn't quite pay for the postage. We should have just donated it to a metal recyling place.