View Full Version : Findhorn Bay Marina

28-11-08, 21:40
Does anyone know anything about the newish marina, prices, facilities etc, and yes I have tried contacting them by phone and email, to no avail.
Any info available would be appreciated.

28-11-08, 22:33
When you say newish do you mean within the last 18 months?

29-11-08, 13:47
I am not sure whenit was built, but could possibly have been the last 18 months, there was a harbour but no marina last time I went there.

29-11-08, 17:16
Just checking to see whether it was newer than when I was up there. Looks like it hasn't changed.

Don't have first hand knowledge of the yard. The 'marina' is a single pontoon, from what I remember, and a host of moorings. Seemed a surprisingly busy site when I was there so odd that you have not had a response. Mind you that was in the middle of the summer season.