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02-01-09, 17:01
Just had a phone call from Marinestore saying it was a mistake selling the blakes antifouling at the internet advertised price and it was really 29 pounds.

Told them to get knotted as they had taken my money, entered into a contract and also told them that lots of others had bought the same stuff at that price.

They went quite and said they would call back.

I will keep you updated.

02-01-09, 17:24
Did you mean Blakes (A lot more than 29)? If you were referring to the Flag that was 15.95 then it is now on their website at 26.99.

Glad I got my 2 x 2.5 litre cans for 31.90 - mailed to me at no extra cost /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

02-01-09, 17:31
Sorry, yes - I meant the flag stuff everyone here also bought.

I bought 2 cans on the internet on Wednesday for 31.90 plus postage.

They are trying to say it was a mistake at that price and I need to pay more.

02-01-09, 17:53
Well, it did look like a bit of an error.
They have now updated their site. 26.99 for 2.5l of vin ordinaire.

I treated myself to the Pewrformance Extra, was 69.95, now 59.95, Full Circle, ahem, 38 quid.

Perhaps they were not prepared for the East Coast Forum putting the word out so quickly? Or maybe they had limited stock.

Anyway Brian, I support your stance, they took the order and your money. Did they give you a confirmation of order e-mail? I got one, and a phone call to say it was waiting for me.

02-01-09, 17:56
I got an email confirming the order, quantities and prices. Lots of small print on it though which wouldn't stand up in court.

02-01-09, 20:04

Perhaps they were not prepared for the East Coast Forum putting the word out so quickly?

[/ QUOTE ]

Same thing happened at Fox's: bargains the first WE - word spread like wildfire - prices back to normal /forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif

02-01-09, 20:19
mmmmm interesting. I cant get over there to pick mine up from Maldon until next week. As Moondancer tho, contract entered into, money paid, job done. Lets see what happens.

02-01-09, 20:20
Alan, mine had a Collection: Mr Dew label on all the tins.

02-01-09, 20:25
Its tough being a retailer!

02-01-09, 20:32
As I mentioned earlier, I got mine from Barrie down at canvey dont know whether has any left but might be worth a call when i bought mine he did state that he wasnt too proud to sell dented cans and i told him i wanst to proud to buy it at 15

10-01-09, 09:07
Antifouling arrived at original price!

Loud phone call must have worked!!