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07-01-09, 23:46
Hi chaps, and ladies,
I would be most grateful for a bit of help (grovel )
My boat is down at Lowestoft (30ft Kingfisher). She is on the water and I am not planning to haul her out.

I did not manage to get her home due to my infirmity and bad planning last autumn so will not be able to get some jobs done that I kidded myself I would do if she was at home, which is over 100 miles away. I would dearly like to get these done so that I can have a bit of sailing at the beginning of the season, before we treck back north.

Could anybody recommend someone to do a bit of fettling on my behalf for ready cash. In particular, rearranging the batteries, fitting a calorifier and water pump, fitting a new cooker, and a few other bits and bobs.

I am an unskilled bodger at most things, so am not looking for Rolls Royce engineering standards, just good competent work at reasonable costs, from someone who will do what they say within a reasonable time frame. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Pm me please.
Many thanks,

08-01-09, 00:07
Hi George
Good to hear from you, and sorry to hear the injury is still causing problems. Might be able to help out, give me a ring tomorrow after about 19-00 when I should be back from Sixpence and we'll have a chat
Happy New Year, by the way

08-01-09, 00:15
Thanks, will speak soon.
Happy new year by the way.

08-01-09, 01:15
Hope someone is able to help George. I am skilled such that I could do all you require but too far away my friend. Hope you get the work done & enjoy next season.

08-01-09, 10:06
Hello George,

I have my boat in Lowestoft,at the Haven Marina, I know of a couple of people who may be able to help out, I have PM'd contact details. No gaurantees but worth a call.