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14-01-09, 20:36
12 years ago I applied Hullguard (Awlgrip)to the hull of my then 8yo boat. Some build-up and patchy disintegration of the antifoul became apparent last winter and so I have just completed scraping back to the epoxy and am embarking on wet-and-dry to remove all traces of old antifoul. The Hullguard appears still in excellent condition. The first coat of antifoul was applied immediately following the last coat of Hullguard but now I shall obviously need a "tie coat".

My query is:
I thought to use one coat of Primocon or similar as a tie coat. Instead, would there be any advantage/disadvantage in using a coat of Gelshield 2000 and again applying the first coat of antifoul at the "tacky" stage? There is no need for multiple further coats of epoxy as the existing Hullguard is sound.

Appreciate hearing others' opinions or experience.

14-01-09, 21:41
You would be relying on purely a mechanical key for your single coat of epoxy or single pack tie coat
The likes of Primocon would give a "waterproofing" effect ( as well as being a tiecoat) nearly as effective as a two pack epoxy when applied at a similar thickness and is not as temperature / conditions sensitive as a two pack product
providing the Hullguard was originally applied at the correct film thickness there would be little to gain by applying an additional single coat of two pack bar additional expense

15-01-09, 08:57
Many thanks that v pertinent response which has helped me crystalise my thinking. This posting has also got me wondering if this is the time (stripped/cleaned hull to existing good epoxy coat) to ponder Coppercoat? I have only read the manufacturers "recommendations" which on value for money, longevity and ease of application sound "compelling" - but then of course they would? I wonder if I might widen the scope for comment? Many thanks.