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13-02-09, 09:58
As many of you old hands know this stretch of the river is the longest between locks on the Thames consequently 'our' flood plain stores the most water.
The floods reached a moderate level last night but no where near the levels of the summer flood. This morning the waters are falling back rapidly. I would say that overnight the river has dropped about 5 or 6 inches and at Ashmount the river bank is already peeking above the water although the area behind which is lower still looks like a beautiful lake.

13-02-09, 10:32
Any nice photos, Byron?

13-02-09, 11:29
Sorry no photos, I am not good at that and too lazy as well. We take the floods as just a matter of course here after living here the best part of a of a century, we seen them all and no longer bother recording them unless they are unusual.

13-02-09, 19:06
Is this nice enuff ?
You can edit out using Photoshop the two boats which appear to have the entire stock of "Millets" camping dept. tied onto their topsides

13-02-09, 20:09
Pity Sarah T didn't make it.

13-02-09, 21:02
Ah yes. Happy days /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

13-02-09, 22:44
Yes its nice.

I went past the next day or the day after en route to Oxford - Geoff was still there and waved but everyone else had gone. We had a sunny week.

The only other week we had on the boat was down the Thames, across to Boulogne, to Cherboug in stages and back to Cowes. We had a sunny week.

As they were our only two weeks off and I think the only sun of the year we were lucky to say the least - thanks for the photo and the reminder, even if we did miss the party by a day!

15-02-09, 10:36
Actually our "tender" was moored just round the corner. /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif