View Full Version : Need a rope splicer near the Orwell!

17-02-09, 12:59
In need of a contact!

I wish to reverse my main-sheet as the boom end gets all the wear, whereas the tail is new and never seen daylight!

I need a soft eye spliced on the tail-end, and duely took it into Fox's on Saturday pm. The guy in the shop said no problem, the riggers will do it for about a tenner!

Got a call yesterday from the shop manager?? who told me they won't splice ropes unless they are new and have sold them to the person wanting a splice!

This means I am in Norfolk, my mainsheet is in Foxes, and I can't get down till early next week to retrieve it!

Does anyone know of someone in that area that will do a soft-eye splice for me?

Thanks in frustrated anticipation!

17-02-09, 17:03
Couple of options

Pick up the mainsheet and try Norfolk Marine in Wroxham, or Boats and Bits in St. Benedicts Norwich (although the bloke in there was a bit miserable when I suggested a splicing a shackle into a cruising chute sheet)

Or do what I did and buy a book on splicing and whipping and try it yourself. Whipping can be an effective way of putting a soft loop on the end of a sheet.

The best option might be to try the bloke in the chandlers at Shotley. He is a top chap and will do it while you wait (ring first)


17-02-09, 17:07
Er y not tie it to the boom tang / bale ???
i can get it collected 4 you, if you provide info. might be able to arrange a splice

17-02-09, 20:03
Hi Nick
We will be going down to Wooly this weekend, for a sail. We're happy to pick up the sail and drop it off somewhere else if that's any help to you.
We owe you one after all your help and advice.

17-02-09, 20:27
Its a Bit - o - String
not a sail

18-02-09, 00:03
10 for a splice??? /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

There is a living in that.

I'll tie a knot in it for you for 2.50 ono.

18-02-09, 07:51
Havent got an eye splice on either end of Full Circle.
We have a Bucket knot, which gets untied every year when we put it in the washing machine.
Same with all our halyards too.

Athene V30
18-02-09, 09:15
How do you tie a bucket knot? Not one I have heard of before.

20-02-09, 13:27
Thanks all!

I am going down on Monday, as we get launched for the season, so will pick up said mainsheet and try the chap at Shotley. If he can't help, then Wroxham is on the list! The reason it doesn't get a knot in it is because of lack of room on the traveller. There is a shackle that goes through the eye.


20-02-09, 22:05
How do you tie a bucket knot? Not one I have heard of before.

[/ QUOTE ]
Looks like this...


24-02-09, 17:20
Found one! He was right under my nose all the time!!

Roger the crane driver at Woolverstone is a master of all things splicy and knotty!

So if ever you need this sort of service (halyards/dock-lines etc!) he is your man!

24-02-09, 17:21
Have found that Im able to do my own /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif

24-02-09, 18:20
Have a 12 year old Sea Cadet - can't stop him splicing/knotting/...
Have to hide warps, sheets and halyards /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

24-02-09, 18:23
You should "Set him Up" in Woolverstone, good business to be had there /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

25-02-09, 18:14
Probably the same guy we always knew as Roger the Rigger. He runs the rigging workshop and now I guess drives the crane also.

Excellent rigger.