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20-02-09, 15:12
Not been out to my other boat in Florida for three years, mainly because of purchase of house requiring much renovation. Came out a couple of weeks ago to find a squirrel (now deceased!) had ruined the Carib RIB and made a nest of the halyards, (some new on last visit!) on deck. We have decided that having two boats is no longer ideal for us. Therefore we have a UK registered Lavranos 36 to sell at a bargain price . Are you looking to live aboard East coast of the USA/Bahamas/Cheasapeke? Then PM me .

20-02-09, 16:42
As there's a 200 limit on items offered for sale on these forums I'd say that's a great opportunity. I'll offer you the full amount. When can I inspect her?

20-02-09, 17:34
Congrats. you have won the dead squirrel it's in the post. Send cash - no cheques accepted

20-02-09, 18:51
That's cheap for a dead squirrel - must be a grey one of course. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

20-02-09, 19:01
Can provide (to order) red squirrels at 20 ago -dead or alive!