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Colvic Watson
22-02-09, 17:32
This is a large roller reefing genoa made by North Sails. It has a foam luff that ensures it stays flat when reefed. It was recently valeted and the stitching checked and tidied. It has a UV strip in a creamy yellow. It measures 9.50m on the luff and 5.40m on the foot. It is in good condition but has been used a few years. It sets well and did us good service until a change of rig meant new sails. It would cost over 800 to buy new (I know because I have had to) so 100 seems fair. Can deliver to Norwich, Ipswich or Woodbridge or you could collect from Bury St Edmunds. Or if you can wait I can deliver to Portsmouth or Oxford. Or I can post it relatively easily but it is heavy so that would cost 25.




The black mark on the foam luff is a bit of bark that fell of the tree not a stain!

22-02-09, 18:35
PM sent

Colvic Watson
22-02-09, 22:08
Sold to Mike