View Full Version : Boat / house swap

19-03-09, 13:36
Would this work if say someone in Greece wanted two weeks in the UK the two families swapped house for boat etc?

19-03-09, 15:39
It probably would work, in fact a good idea.
The problem would be, finding someone in Greece who wanted to go back to the UK /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

21-03-09, 09:47
I have a boat in Greece and am keen to swap boat time with someone in Australia/Caribbean so that each party has the benefit of the other's summer. www.yachtingswap.com (http://www.yachtingswap.com) is proving useful and I am keen to learn of any other websites. Also, we would be interested swapping our boat for house/boat in Perth Australia where our daughter lives. As usual, its a matter of communication, but, surely, a possibility.