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21-03-09, 22:00
500ml Wessex Teak Cleaner and renovator

and a brilliant day in the sunshine.

We woke up on FC this morning, and noted a lot of condensation. Up periscope from the horizontal position in forecabin showed frost stood upright on the decks and the pontoons, brrrr!!!!!!

Tea, faff about, tea, faff faff, tea, eggs, bacon and we were ready.

Today was to be the horrible day we had been dreading, as it has been a bit cold or wet or snowing, so we have been putting it off.

Well, in brilliant sunshine we coated the deck in oxalic wallpaper paste goo, and scrubbed it in, then blasted it off with the pressure washer.

Full Circle was getting very grey and green on the topsides, and we worked in our t-shirts and marigolds to get it done.
Then we attacked the teak with Weesex Teak Cleaner - that stuff really is the mutts.

We finished around 4pm today, well worn out but satisfied - she looks great, and no more green slimy stuff. 3M polish next weekend......

We waved to AliM as they went out.

So, we have done the outside, done the inside and all systems appear to be working correctly.

Looking good for the season, and looking forward to seeing everyone Shotley on the 18th April.

Athene V30
22-03-09, 06:45
I hadn't thought of wall papering the decks. Did you use woodchip to get some grip?

22-03-09, 08:26
I hadn't thought of wall papering the decks. Did you use woodchip to get some grip?

[/ QUOTE ]

No, woodchip is for MABs. Us AWBs use anaglypta vinyl.

22-03-09, 11:18
It was indeed a beautiful day and my first on the Crouch. Collected my dinghy from Prior's boatyard and motored her upriver to the Yacht Harbour. Perfick!

Beginning to get some understanding of the nature of Essex mud though. Found it very difficult to get a purchase on the lower end of the slip to pull the dinghy up beyond the high tide mark. And still can't understand how it managed to get everywhere.

But back to the subject in hand. Jessie's deck is looking pretty grim after the winter and the slurryblasting. There is green and there is gritty grime. Oxalic acid and paste sounds interesting but I have no pressure washer so it will be down to buckets and scrubbing brushes. Will your concoction work just as well like that or is there another product I should use?
ps Where did you buy the oxalic acid, Boots?

22-03-09, 21:09
You may purchase 'Marine' unguents, but also order the smelling salts at the same time. For instance, the nearest product to this is Y10 in the chandlers at over a tenner for a 250g tub.
PM Clyde_Wanderer (Eamonn) he has it in bulk for sale at an OK price in the For Sale forum. About 12.50 inc P&P if memory serves.

You will need as a min 50 grams per litre of water, with 1/2 sachet of Wallpaper paste. We used 100 grams per litre this weekend as we had some stubborn stuff to shift.

We brush it on with a wallpaper brush, then agitate it with a scrubbing brush. Leave for a minimum of 5 minutes, and no more than 10 (do not let it dry solid). Agitiate it some more with the scrubbing brush, then either hose/pressure wash or just sea water and broom it off.

This is the 1st season we have had the luxury of being able to use a pressure washer, as we normally do this job on the swinging mooring.

We also use a sponge for flat areas of GRP without any pattern.

Wear marigolds, it gets to sting after a few minutes.

It also will clean teak, but use a slightly weaker mix.

23-03-09, 07:59
Then we attacked the teak with Weesex Teak Cleaner - that stuff really is the mutts.

[/ QUOTE ]

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Care to comment Jim????

Phoenix of Hamble
23-03-09, 10:37
This stuff (http://www.teakcleaner.co.uk/)

Can only agree with Jim.... one of the few cleaning products that REALLY does what it says on the tin

23-03-09, 18:29

What area does the 1 litre of each cover?
I "may" just brighten up Still Dunno's teak this year....

23-03-09, 18:55
I used 150ml of Cleaner and 100ml of Renovator. Bear in mind you dilute it up to 10:1 so you are sloshing nearly half a gallon of the stuff about.
Washed of with copious quantities of water.

I have had the same 1 litre bottles for 3 seasons now, and I reckon there is enough to do a fourth.