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31-03-09, 15:04
Hi and thanks for all the info.on anchors,solar,holding tanks et al.I am sorting a nav.spec. for a new Ovni which I pick up in May and deliver it to the Milford Haven waterway.In 2010 I head for the Med.( via the canals) and when there would like to obtain simple weather forecasts without using a pc or speaking the local lingo.I am fitting a navtex and have been advised that the Weatherman is good but my installer has serious doubts for it's effectiveness in Northern Europe.
Any comments on this bit of kit for Med.use(eventually eastern) would be much appreciated.

31-03-09, 15:34
The Weatherman is going to be as good as your aerial system!
All of the recommendations regarding SSB reception should be followed regarding installation, best time of day for reception etc, and then it should be fine.
We use the NASA Target SSB receiver to get the same data via RTTY but you need the laptop and sofware to get there.

31-03-09, 16:39
I have had the Nasa Weatherman recommended to me by many users in Greece and Italy, so on that basis I have just bought one. Accuracy of forecasts seems pretty good, including reasonably so for 5 days.

Having said that, the Navtex has been good in Spain France, Italy and Greece, all English language broadcasts.

VHF forecasts are given in Spain, Italy and Greece, usually the content is the same as the Navtex.

31-03-09, 17:48
I had disappointing performance from my Weatherman when I used it with the aerial supplied by NASA. Since I changed to a (very basic) backstay aerial the performance has been transformed. I have received consistently strong signals in the Med and northern Europe.

31-03-09, 18:43
I fitted a Nasa Weatherman 1 year ago and have been very disappointed with results and I have used the active antenna supplied with it. At the same time, on occasions, the weatherman has produced unreadable nonsense and the Nasa sw receiver and computer has produced a nr. perfect forecast using an uninsulated backstay from the same source. This season I shall try using the backstay with the weatherman, connected through a capacitor and see if it's worth keeping or ditching.

31-03-09, 21:22
I have a weatherman plus standard aerial which I have mounted on the gantry next to the solar panels and am very pleased with it.

Benefits are: -
1. You can leave it on 24 x 7 as it draws a minuscule amount of current, so when you need a forecast you can refer to the last one picked up. Just fit and forget
2. German DWD forecasts are excellent and will give you the weather in a tabular format up to 5 days out.
3. Its independent of any other bit of kit

Disadvantages are: -
1. There will be times of day or locations where you cannot pick up a signal.
2. Its more difficult to understand the weather patterns than using a grib file visualisation which I consider much better for passage planning.

You can pick them up 2nd hand in Spain and Gib as most people flog them once they have done the Med circuit and are off across the pond.

Well worth the money IMHO especially for the fit and forget element.