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For edibility, primarily. Is there any way without peeling ?

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They do say that geen tree picked bananas can keep for upto a year from green to ripe in the right conditions. The supermarkets in the Uk actually take them out of cold store and incubate them in ovens till they just start to change to yellow. This is so they are just right for the unsuspecting shopper.
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31-03-09, 20:57
Excluding plantains there are at least seven different types of eating banana in the Caribbean and funnily enough one variety looks like a small plantain. There are variations in flavour - usualy strong to mild.

One small problem is that if the skins have black patches you would normally assume that the banana wil be at least bruised and if all black then nearly rotten. But that's not entirely true because there is at least one variety that doesn't ripen until it's skin is black.

It's funny when you see banana plantations because the bananas grown for supermarkets are grown in plastic bags. The bags stop the bananas being marked by touching the leaves. Those for local consumption are not.

We've tried to remember every type we've tried but it's not easy.