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11-05-09, 17:59

11-05-09, 19:06
A sad story. The only British Metaphor on "ship particulars" seems to be this;
Admin.Geo.Area : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Ship Name : METAPHOR
Call Sign : ZIYY3
Selcal No.(s) :
MMSI No. : 235006947
MMSI No.(craft associated with parent ship) :
Inmarsat No.(s) :
Boats :
Ship class : PL MTB
Corresp. : Terr. Serv. :
Hours :
RTG Band : RTF Band : V
AA info. :
Ex Ship Name :
Ex Call Sign :

EPIRB Id. Code :
EPIRB Hex ID code :
Vessel Id. No. : 102203
Gross Tonnage :
Person Capacity : 6
Radio Installation : VHFPORT
Last Update : 17/11/2008

11-05-09, 20:31
I looked at the register too and the British ('G') registered boat called 'Metaphor' is a privately owned motor boat. [PL MTB]

Athene V30
12-05-09, 07:08
There is an Etap called Metaphor in B'sea. I recall this message from last year and did message the OP with HMs details to follow it up.

Don't know the owner but can't recall seeing her damaged but then again there is likely to be more than one Etap with that name.

12-05-09, 13:27
I know the owner of the Brightlingsea 'Metaphor', and I really have my doubts as to if this is in fact the same boat as the one in the incident. The owner of 'Metaphor' would IMHO be MOST unlikely to do a 'hit and run'. He is a very decent and honest bloke who has been sailing and racing in the Clacton/Walton/Brightlingsea area for at least 35 years. I suggest that another Metaphor be sought!

12-05-09, 16:11
You might want to mention this thread to him so he can relay on his thoughts. At the moment his boat has come under the spotlight of a most likely coincidence and he is probably completely unaware of this and has had no opportunity to reply.

You would think that the number of forumites dotted around would be able to spot all the UK based Etap 'Metaphors' in fairly short order.

12-05-09, 16:43
I have already e-mailed him to the existence of this thread. I really have my doubts if this is in fact the same boat, but hopefully he will be able to throw some light on the matter.

Athene V30
12-05-09, 16:47
I certainly didn't mean to imply that he was the culprit if that is how my post has been interpreted. /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif

13-05-09, 08:11
No Peter, no problems!

I have had an e-mail response from Graham the owner of the B'sea based Metaphor, and he has confirmed that his Etap 28 under his stewardship has not left the East Coast. The name M<span style="color:red">etap</span>hor (as it is written on Grahams dodgers) is obviously a popular name for Etaps!!

13-05-09, 18:50
ITU Mars database lists 2 boats "Metaphor", one GB motor boat, one french yacht. Your friend's boat not listed, but the British entries have been up the duff since January, due to be all put right by 15/5/09 though.