View Full Version : Want our patronage? Gissa mooring!

No Regrets
23-05-09, 08:58
The 'Compleat Angler' have bowed to a little pressure recently applied to them as a result of Boatones thread, and I think we could all benefit by naming non-boat friendly businesses for the purpose of possibly converting them in the same way!

My suggestion is simply to point out that there are a number of good quality customers using the river, who wish to use the services of certain businesses, but require moorings for the duration of their utilage, or in the case of evening soirees and vast quantities of alcohol, overnight.

Using the other threads idea of a 'Welcome by Thames' catchphrase, we might be able to release a good few moorings for us, and at the same time preserve the businesses in these hard times.

Nobody loses!

I'm happy to do the Emailling and persuasion, but we need names..... /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

23-05-09, 10:49
Boulter's Lock Restaurant.

I know they want to sort out the pontoon, but perhaps if we gave them some idea of the potential market, it may help them in deciding to do the works

23-05-09, 17:23
Leathern Bottel

25-05-09, 19:09
2nd boulters lock restaurant