25-05-09, 20:06
Having set off earlier this month from UK I need to plan where we might overwinter. We are pottering along the coast and so after nearly 4 weeks we're only in Guernsey having explored Normandy a little. So don't expect to get further than NW Spain before we need to get a berth for the winter. Would welcome views/feedback from forumites on safe, secure marinas in NW Spain with good yacht services and reasonable communication links. Thanks for any help available. Iain.

25-05-09, 20:37
Try here: www.cnportosin.com (http://www.cnportosin.com)
Not big but has all the services.

Good winds

26-05-09, 06:11
My website describes the area in some detail. You have a wide choice, depending whether you want to winter afloat or on board, or ashore, and how price sensitive you are. A Coruna, Villa-Garcia, Bayona and Bilbao are all excellent communication centres. As you move away from those lively towns prices drop . . .

26-05-09, 12:20
I agree with Jim. Coruna or Bayona are good overwintering places. Make sure you get plenty of shelter as on-shore winds and therefore seas can be bad during the winter in this area. Many ports on the N Coast of Spain (Biscay coast) close for months during the winter for this reason.

Alternatively you might want to consider somewhere in France to overwinter. Les Sables d'Olhone for example. By stopping here you can then set off in the Spring to explore the Spanish Rias which could take you most of the summer and are a must see!
If you go for Coruna or Bayona you will have to go back uphill to take in the Rias.

26-05-09, 19:04
Cangas de Morrazo.ria de vigo,ferry across to Vigo and airport,nice place in the winter.

Ocean Hound
27-05-09, 20:50
Sada offers more protection than Corunna. They also have lift facilities and quite a good yard/chandlery. Viveiro, the first of the Spanish Rias also has a small but well protected marina. Just a bit of hassle getting to the nearest aiport - the only thing that was missing was the donkey ride, but all the train/bus connections worked. Sada is however a better bet. Do not miss Viviero though, it will give you a taste of what is come around the corner.

04-06-09, 20:55
Thanks all for your help - will research all these options. So far have reached north Brittany coast and been very impressed with French marinas so that's the fall back but would be nice to get as far as N Spain. However our progress seems to be slowing as we settle into this cruising life - we enjoy the places we visit too much!! Is this to be expected?
Thanks again to all rsponders.