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31-05-09, 06:33
Good morning all,

I am new to the site and have just purchased a Senior 27ft and wanted to know general advice in terms of things to look out for across this boat and also general maintenance. also any tips advice from previous owners.



31-05-09, 08:32
Welcome to our happy little band. Within this forum you will find young handsome devastatingly intelligent people like me, miserable old farts and the occasional Troll deliberately trying to foment arguments. However all in all they ain't such a bad bunch.

I have never owned a Senior 31. In 1968 a complete boat with twin Perkins 4.107s would set you back the princely sum of 3,969.00p. The Senior 32 with an aft cabin was 4,168.00p.

31-05-09, 09:06
I guess most important area to check are the outdrives and the engines.
Did you get a survey when you bought it and were there any recommendations?
Most insurance companies normally insist that recommendations from the survey are carried out.
My parents had a senior 32 many years back which took us to holland and belgium several times.
Enjoy the good weather and get yourself a forum flag so we can say hello on passing.

01-06-09, 11:55
Thanks for the advice, where would i get a forum flag from?

apologies if this is a stupid question



01-06-09, 11:59
Look in the Motor Boats forum on here for a forumite called "HLB", send him an email and he will give you his details. He has bought a job lot of them.

01-06-09, 12:48
Didn't know they made a 27ft, knew they made a twin outdrive 26ft, usually coupled to 4.107's. (Perkins)

Leaking drives is a good one, they were Enfields coupled to Perkins, if the seals go water gets in. If Perkins, check carefully the injection elbow on the exhaust, they rust out quite badly although if you are any good with bits of pipe and a welder you can fairly easily make your own welded onto the old plate which was pretty thick. Lots of the early ones had dynamos and not alternators, a breakers yard will sell you a couple of alternators if this is the case, just get rid of the old voltage regulator circuits and make up new brackets.