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05-06-09, 21:27
An overly enthusiastic tack in an impolite sea yesterday sent a carton of milk flying across the cabin sole, depositing it's contents over the floor boards and down into the bilges.

Bugger, I thought.

Today I spent hours cleaning everything, and had it spotless, apart from one area... the front board which is firmly held down by the compression post. It seems to have got quite a bit of milk in it though, since it's bloody stinks.

My boat reeks of cheesy feet!


05-06-09, 21:43
Pour some lemon juice after it---you can have lemon curd! Seriously,though get some bilgex down there smartish before it dries.
Where are you now?

05-06-09, 21:58
My boat reeks of cheesy feet!

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Then you need to clean your feet /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

But seriously - dont envy you. Milk is a real b*gger. at least when you cure it, your boat will be cleaner than ever before.

05-06-09, 22:11
Pour some lemon juice after it---you can have lemon curd! Seriously,though get some bilgex down there smartish before it dries.
Where are you now?

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Too late, I'm going to be half derigging and lifting that up tomorrow /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

I'm in Lowestoft at the moment.

I seem to have landed during the weekend of the 150th regatta of the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club, who, I might add, are a bloody great bunch... although I did have trouble dealing with the SNorfolk accent of the harbour master first thing this morning /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

I got to board a race ready Squibb belonging to David West. Oh, wow, are those things awesome! I also got to witness a "dick of the day" prize giving, presented to the Squibb skipper who made the biggest cock-up. A collision made today's winner! Haha.

06-06-09, 12:43
I dont envy you, we still have memories of 'the great pancake disaster' when a jug of pancake mix went flying across...I would have thought sea water might have a fairly bad effect on the smell causing bacteria.

06-06-09, 14:36
A dilute solution of toothpaste in water is great for getting rid of rancid milk smells.

07-06-09, 00:29
You've got my sympathy. When you can, try to buy some of the stuff used to get rid of pet "odours". Can buy it in pet shops either as a solution or a spray formulation. It really does work on cat sick and worse so should be good at getting rid of pong of stale milk.

Forgotten what it's called but it works by killing the bacteria which cause the smell rather than just covering the smell up with a scent.

07-06-09, 06:42
I sympathise. I once had to sell a car after a carton of milk saturated the carpets and I couldn't get rid of the smell. The thing keeping the milk in place is the fat, I suspect. You could try a constant trickle of hot detergent water in that area. Maybe take a big bucket full of detergent water and a small neoprene pipe (e.g. aquarium pipe) and start a syphon. You can buy small clips in pet shops to control the flow. Keep the bucket topped up with hot detergent water and deluge the entire area for several hours.

07-06-09, 20:07
In a former life I delivered hire cars ( student summer job)
I had to drive one back from Swansea to Cardiff, some one had spilt a carton of milk on the back seat a few days earlier. Windows open all the way, took a month of cleaning beofre we could hire it out again.

07-06-09, 22:08
...try to buy some of the stuff used to get rid of pet odours...Forgotten what it's called...

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"Simple Solution"


09-06-09, 18:39
that is what i had to do when i spilt milk in my fiesta. even after replacing all the carpets and underlayers, the odour was always there especially after a day parked in the sun.

10-06-09, 09:18
Try saturated bicarbonate of soda solution to remove milk smell used successfully in the past.