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07-06-09, 22:23
Bear with me please as this may be a bit long and I apologise upfront for the verbose nature of the post. Currently my yacht is based in Finike, Turkey. I find it difficult to get access to many items or materials I require during my refit. In many ways large suitcases from the UK have been great for getting much of the gear to Turkey but it is getting harder (items getting bigger).

Up until now I have had the hull ground off, I then faired and barrier coated the hull myself with West System Epoxy (8 coats) and 422 additive. The deck and hull is now repainted (awlgrip). Just replacing the seacocks and putting the port lights back in the next couple of weeks.

Over christmas I will re-stand the rig. All rigging wire will have been replaced, all mast attachments removed, cleaned, checked, dulac'ed and re-rivited with monel rivets. Chainplates replaced and everything on deck rebedded. So it will have had a birthday. Thats the outside pretty well done.

I have some work to do inside as well which is the reason for the post. So I have some teak work to do to put teak deck in the cockpit (only), redo the cockpit seats and some teak trim work round the cockpit as well. I want to get fabricated from stainless steel, a bimini/goal posts frame (whatever you want to call it) on the stern to replace the pushpit as a fixture to carry all the antennas/aerials, the solar panels, provision for a wind generator (not for the med) and shade of course. I also want a swim platform fabricated. Just the stainless steel work as the rest I can/will do.

I will also refit the interior, complete rewire, replace/repair some cupboards, new shelves etc and make it nice inside. Just in case you are worried for me, I am a cabinetmaker, staircase maker by trade so the woodie stuff is easy for me.

My plan is to sail (motor) the boat from Finike to Rhodes (100Nm) in April next year from Turkey. I have to pay VAT when I return tot he EU (unless the gods a shining for me on that day). I am brining a van from the UK with all the other kit purchased in the UK (much cheaper over here) over the past 12 months, electronics, electrical kit, new tender + motor and most importantly tools and materials difficult to find in Turkey (like real teak and teak veneer). So I should have everything I need to do the job but you always forget something, or there may be something I may need to be done. I will have small power tools, a small band saw, a saw bench, vacuum bag press (veneering).

That was the background and this is what I need to know or have input from the forum. I expect to do this work over the 2 months of say May / June next year. Rhodes looks good to get stuff into as an island close to Turkey. (Ferry rides from Ancona, Italy to Patra, Greece and then Athens to Rhodes) Simple ferry ride after the boat is loaded with the new stuff. Marmaris is close to Rhodes. So I could sail the boat to Turkey, catch a ferry back and bring the now empty van over by ferry as well. Now have transport during this refit.

So I am looking for people on the ground to say where they believe the best place to do this work would be. Some marinas get upset when you do this level of work yourself. Currently contracted with Setur Marina Finike and we are supposed to be able to do some swaps from Finike to Marmaris if I go there but it may not work there as it is the middle of town. I am well setup with generators etc (for the boat of course) so I don't have to be near power and I am not messy. Any ideas from those on the ground would help. You can criticise my plan also if you like. Thanks for your patience.


08-06-09, 05:50
Sounds like you have most things covered, Graham, and the arguments you have put forward for being in Marmaris and near Rhodes are valid too.

With Marmaris Yacht Marina prices going up recently the gap between Netsel and MYM are become less significant. I would look at these two marinas and compare the prices and go for the one that seems better value, bearing in mind MYM is a few km out of town. People in Netsel tell me the noise of Bar Street isn't so bad in the summer, I can't comment. I wouldn't be so sure as Netsel is just a few streets away from all the clubs.

MYM has no problem with doing the work on the boat yourself, but they get arsey when you start helping your fellow yotties on their boat. They insist on a 15% cut and I know people who have been thrown out of the marina for getting 'unpaid' help.

An alternative is Marti Marina, which is 40mins dolmus ride from Marmaris. Nice setting and they are even more relaxed about working on your boat. We got a good deal on a summer haul out - two weeks for the price of one. Recently there has been an exodus of people leaving MYM to got to Marti for haul outs because it's so much cheaper in the summer. This is a strong contender for you. Rhodes is further away of course.

I'm assuming you want marina facilities because it sounds like you're undertaking a lot of work (and a lot of paint brush cleaning) but there are a couple of restaurants who might not mind you using their facilities if you patronise their establishments from time to time. Two months is a long time for this though so they'd have to be pretty forgiving of the noise and mess or you'd have to spend a lot of money on beers in the evening to keep them sweet.

I would not recommend doing all your work at anchor. If you get caught dropping just a grain of sawdust overboard they'll string you alive.

08-06-09, 19:34
Is there a reason as to why you want to stay in Marmaris Graham, and have you ruled out Nereus boatyard in Rhodes?

08-06-09, 19:56
Actually Rhodes would really be better if I can find a place to do this work. Spoke with Rod Heikell (Pilot books) about what I wanted to do and he suggested Kos as Rhodes may be a problem with unfinished marinas etc. Mind you that was some time back now. If you have some suggestions I would like to hear.


08-06-09, 20:03
Thanks for the info demonboy. I knew they were tough on oil and black waste but I did not know about issues with sawdust in Turkey. It seems part of the environment and does not pollute in small quantities. I will keep that in mind though. Thanks

09-06-09, 20:27
With respect to Rhodes, I don't think they've even started the marina. There is a very crowded and crudely organised boatyard there.

Kos offers far more spacious facilities ashore, and a good marina; berths afloat aren't too easy in high season.

If you're talking Greek generalities, the best yacht support is in Lavrion boatyard, just east of the Athens peninsula. After that, nearly as good, is Levkada, on the Ionian, probably too far for you. All the Greek places have the useful ability to import UK sourced stuff without any customs hassle.

12-06-09, 06:30
Hi again, sorry this reply is a little late. It is quite true that Rhodes new marina is far from finished, but the boatyard in the middle of summer isn't so busy so there is space to do your refitting etc. It might not be the most beautiful boatyard in Greece but it has the advantage of being right in the right place for quality work, supplies and time away from the boat. Having spent time in Rhodes boatyard working on our boat, we found there were more advantages than disadvantages, and the staff were all very knowledgeable and helpful.

12-06-09, 07:10
Derek, thanks for that correction. My favourite mooring place when visiting Rhodes was anchorng off that boatyard, with a stern line to the islands of mooring blocks. But the yard was still full in early May 2005 - I guess people hadn't launched then. The chandlery ashore there was very good, with quick service and delivery from Athens for needed items.