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12-06-09, 19:52
Dear Forum Members,

I am writing to ask if any kind readers would be open to allowing the use of a yacht for filming in London on Tuesday 16th June.
I am a producer of a comedy pilot show, which has the pending involvement of a BAFTA winning actor/director, and is aimed towards being optioned by the BBC in the coming months. We have no budget for this pilot so we are looking for locations, companies and people open to helping us complete the remaining shoots.
The filming entails nothing more than a man and three/four women dancing on the yacht and we would require approx 30 mins - 1 hour maximum.
We would of course greatly appreciate anything that you can offer us and we will credit you personally with a special thank you in the end credits of the show.
Again, ANY help you can offer us with this shoot would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Peter T Fox
Email: petert141@hotmail.com

12-06-09, 20:08

"The filming entails nothing more than a man and three/four women dancing on the yacht "

I don't have a yacht but I would be happy to play the Man. would I be required to be nude? If so a wide angle lens might be needed. Three women might be best, I am not sure if I could handle four ! /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif



12-06-09, 21:49
Can't help with the yacht - but bear me / my company in mind for the future - www.atct.co.uk (http://www.atct.co.uk) for camera tracking (ie moving the camera shot with vehicles, not dollies)

13-06-09, 07:28
Problem is most peeps around here not based in central london and that is fairly short notice?

13-06-09, 07:37
I think he's also being a bit vague as to what he means by 'yacht'.

His best approach might actually be to take a wander around St Kats ?

13-06-09, 16:31
Probably hoping for a "J" class, might have to settle for something smaller - Teddington_Lock perhaps...

Steve Clayton
13-06-09, 17:13
There's a Fairline Phantom 40 next to me on the South Coast. Haven't seen the owner for a week and I've only spoken to him once but he seems a decent sort of chap . I'm sure he won't mind if we climbed aboard and had 4-5 people dancing on his teak deck and a few cameramen on board as well.