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14-06-09, 09:54
Thought Will Sayer's opinions on windvanes and advanced alternator regulators during the OSTAR might amuse!!

"I am using the autopilot rather than the windvane now and I plan to use it all the way to the finish. I believe is holds a better course, especially in these downwind conditions. I have so much diesel I might as well use it. Its day 20 and I think I have used less than a 3rd of my tank. I had no idea that my engine would use so little running it out of gear to just charge batteries. So I have a routine, I run the engine twice a day, once first thing in the morning and then as late as I can in the evening before the volt meters hit 12v.
I run it for anything from an hour to two, it all depends on this bloody sterling alternator regulator, I wish I hadn't fitted it. Every single alarm it has goes off, but never the same one. I've had high battery voltage, high alternator voltage, high battery temperature and also no charge what so ever! I know using the alternator in its standard way without these advanced thingys isn't getting the most out of them, but it is getting something out of them! Anyway, I have plenty of diesel so I'm just living with the issues".