View Full Version : Biscay crossing

18-06-09, 09:50
Hi everyone well we are still in Eire as the weather was not kind to us wind on the nose se. So we turned back and are now in Salve Marina Cork also a very nice and quite place. Free internet so hence our message. If the weather is good we shall try again either Sat/Sun. We have all the time in the world so no big rush. We were motoring for two solid days and that was too much hence the reason to turn back. Now we can relax fill up with diesel and enjoy the irish hospitality.

18-06-09, 17:48
You might find RCYC a bit cheaper and they did have far better showers etc?
They were certainly negotiable on the price when we were weather-bound there in May/June 2007 (I think it worked out around 12.00 per day inc water & elec)

20-06-09, 09:37
Thanks re RCSC but we were very happy in salve and it was free elec and water also did some work on the boat FREE. We set off today as the wind is perfect NW. So hopefuly next contact from Portugal