View Full Version : Thames Visitorís mooring Ė Please can anyone help?

06-07-09, 14:11
Iím looking for a visitorís mooring on the Thames for a couple of weeks in August. The problem I have is that my radar arch does not hinge and my air draft is about 16ft.

Can anyone recommend anywhere I can get a visitors mooring on the non-tidal Thames which will be able to accommodate us? (Weíre 41ft).

Please help!!

06-07-09, 14:20
Where exactly do you want to stay ? any ideas ?

With a non-folding air draft of 16 feet , you aren't going to get any further than Old Windsor luck cut bridge.

06-07-09, 14:20
In a nutshell, your airdraft will prevent you from getting any further upstream than Old Windsor Lock.

Your best bet would be Penton Hook or Shepperton Marinas, but there are several boatyards in that stretch that would be worth contacting. Do you intend to stay put for the whole two weeks or do you want to move about a bit?

06-07-09, 14:42
I've a holiday at either end of the 2 week period so I'll be stopping in the mooring for a couple of weeks whilst I go back to work. (It does get in the way like that.)

I've tried Shepperton and they're full. Penton Hook looks prohibitively expensive. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Are there any smaller yards which might be able to help?


06-07-09, 15:13
Do you belong to a tyacht or cruiser club? If so you could try Thames Motor Yacht Club at Hampton Court (walking distance to staion)and see if they would be kind to a visitor?

06-07-09, 17:57
try Tim Barfield Marine at Hampton
020 8941 2676. You might have to be rafted alongside another boat. Tim is very helpful if you are stuck.
Port Hampton 020 8979 8116
or if all else fails, just on the tidal side of Teddington Lock, try Teddington Harbour 020 8977 9978

06-07-09, 18:37
I should add as well that Teddington Harbour , although tidal is on pontoons with plenty of water even at low tide . So would be fine for you. This is because the river below Teddington to Richmond is half tidal. We keep a maintained level on our tail.