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16-07-09, 21:14
Obviously the failure for IPC to move off UBB years ago was a big mistake and as a result they have had to migrate to a new BB platform in a bit of a rush (but I bet it was a much quicker job than they thought).

But the move to vBulletin is definitely the right one (as I've been saying for years) see
( http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?p=746713&highlight=vbulletin#post746713 ).

A year or so ago I migrated an American DJ forum from a heavily modded phpBB2 to vBulletin. They had been stuck on phpBB2 for years (due to custom phpBB modifications) so I was determined that once we moved to a vanilla vB that it would stay that way. As a result the only modifications that we did to the new vB board was some skinning and a portal page. This led to a few complaints at first (nobody likes change) but pretty quickly the benefits of vB became apparent and the complaints stopped.

So my advice to Dan would be to resist ALL requests to customise the software. You'll reap the benefits whenever you want to upgrade to a later version og vB. With regard to the skinning, all I'd do is change some of the images and the shades of blue colours to match the rest of the ybw theme.