View Full Version : Thames Licence

Salty Sealine
16-07-09, 21:16
I am in the process of buying a Sealine F33 which has a current licence for 2009 and the owner wants to retain the name. Will the EA make a charge for change of ownership and change of name?

No Regrets
16-07-09, 21:24
I doubt it!

Send the licence along with the name change details, and I believe they just send you a new one.

Nice helpful people as far as my experience goes...

17-07-09, 19:51
No, they didn`t charge me when we purchased our boat and changed the name.

21-07-09, 12:22
EA calling. The boat is registered with us not the person so the 2009 licence will be valid throughout 2009. If you let us know you're the new owner asap, then we will send you the renewal info in December as well as keeping our records up to date.