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01-08-09, 18:57
I get offers several times a year for my TC Launch. Today a got a cash offer that really made me sit up and take notice. However I then sat and thought about it. What would I buy? I like Slippers but the woodwork maintenance puts me off (I have owned about 20 in my time). The same applies to all traditional craft. I don't want or need a sports boat and don't need accommodation.
Sensibly then all things being equal my old TC Patrol Launch suits me fine. It's an excellent day boat, I can have a cuppa and get out of the rain. Much as it hurts to turn a lot of pennies down I can't think of anything to replace her with.
What do you guys think?

01-08-09, 19:19
Keep it they are a unique piece of history and i belive the mould has been altered so no more 29' will be produced the new ones are 31' and not as good

01-08-09, 19:37
Keep it Byron, as you say, 'What would you do with the pennies?'. It's probably worth more to you than the pennies. Superb craft.

No Regrets
01-08-09, 19:41
I concur.

Ignoring the cash for now, what would you buy otherwise!?

02-08-09, 07:49
Keep the lovely TC Byron, perfectly suited to your needs and has character

02-08-09, 13:09
Oh come on guys get a life. Let him sell the blasted thing get get what he's hankered after for years...