View Full Version : Passage plan.

04-08-09, 19:31
I am bringing Chausey back to Cardiff over this weekend and planning the trip.
I've just got back from the boat and the Reeds Almanac says to be off Runnel rocks at HW Dover -3hrs. This would be 22-13 BST on the 7th August or 10-36 BST on the 8th August. I plan to go round on 8th after a night in Newlyn as I want to try the inner passage and prefer to go round in daylight. Has anyone done this and is there anything extra to look out for?

04-08-09, 20:35
Hope it goes well Allan.

05-08-09, 13:01
It should be straightforward and if the timing is right you can carry a favourable tide for quite some time around 8-9 hours around Lands End. Spotting the 'Armed Knight' and 'Kettle Bottom' is quite easyand on a nice day not as scary as they sound. Stay inshore until you get around the Brisons as per the almanacs suggestion.

We had a cracking trip from Helford to Padstow last year, sailed all the way which is a bit unusual.

Good luck