View Full Version : ATYC Rally

11-08-09, 10:50
With apologies to Steve Clayton, whose "Duck!" thread got hijacked, I thought we should have a thread dedicated to the ATYC Rally due to run over the August Bank Holiday weekend at Henley.

So, why such a seemingly poor number of boats booked? This is our first ATYC rally and I think we were expecting bigger than the TVR.

Is it because too many people are away on holiday at this time? Or are they all "boated out" having had two wet weeks away like Apollo?

Having recently changed boat we have been beavering away trying to get it ready for the TVR, so I have a vested interest in the weekend being a success.

Come on people, it is probably the last big event of the year... if you have not signed up yet it is not too late. Lets amaze the organisers with the power of the Thames Forum and create a late booking rush!!

11-08-09, 14:06
Unfortunately the ATYC Rally has decreased in popularity over the years. Why this should be so is not an answer I have.