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18-08-09, 22:09
Can anyone reccommend a remote level reading system for a holding tank.

18-08-09, 22:31
I have two of these... http://www.sealandtechnology.com/productpages.asp?pid=53 but I've no idea if they work. My Y-Valves have always been switched to the 'sea' position instead of to 'tank' and are now seized. Freeing them is a job for the near future.

The remote panel that comes with these level indicators has 4 lights... empty low mid and full.

19-08-09, 07:56
Hart Tank Tender - had one for years and it has been reliable.

19-08-09, 12:21
I had one fitted by Tek Tanks, a moving float switch type, that worked for twelve months and then got stuck. You could put your hand into the inspection hatch and free it but I have decided not to bother. The tank is fine. Interesting to hear of npf1's good experience with the Hart Tank Tender. It is the first time I have ever heard of anything working long-term so maybe go for that.

19-08-09, 13:16
Try Tank Tender they use air pressure with air bubling out of vertical tube to detect level - sytem as used in process industry to measure level in corrosive fluids .

I have got one which I use for fule level but has facility to connect to holding tank but have not got round to connecting it up - invoves plastic tube and drilling small hole in top of tank

20-08-09, 08:34
You need to speak with Martyn at Tek Tanks. Very helpful people; I've installed an exterior (non invasive) foil based sender unit and it works fine for me. Contact details here: http://www.tek-tanks.com/