View Full Version : Photo shoot in London on the Thames

01-09-09, 20:01
Does anyone have a good sized boat that they are willing to take out a Rock band for a couple of hours on the Thames in London? The band are the Stranglers. I have been commissioned to shoot some Press/PR pictures for a best of album that is being released in October. I just need a good sized boat with an open air area and the provision that if it rains there is a cover we can still shoot underneath. The budget is not huge but it is good. I have full public liability insurance for photography on land and water. The shoot has to be Tues 8th September. So if you fancy earning a few quid for a few hours please give me a call or email?

07976 96 11 88

02-09-09, 17:09
This sort of request has been made a few times before ,suspect you will need somebody with a coded boat and skipper for this to be legit,commercial activities tend to attract the PLA and permissions my be required,good luck,presume the boys will keep us informed via the " Rats Lair"

02-09-09, 23:07
The forecast for next week is not good so the boat idea will be for another day and another band. Looked into the lpa license so all is legite. Anyone willing to help in the future please let me know?