View Full Version : Where are all the Vertues?

03-09-09, 15:05
I have been running the Vertue Owners site for some 10 years now and seem to have reached a plateau with the whereabouts of all the Vertues.

I wonder if any owners of Vertues would be good enough to email me on owendov17@gmail.com with as much or as little detail as you would like included on www.vertueowners.org.uk.
I do not mind how many duplicate emails I get so please do not assume I know about the boat.

Also if you are not a Vertue owner but know of one in your marina or near you please let me know the boat name, the location and if possible the sail number.

Many thanks for your help.

Michael Woodhouse

04-09-09, 12:18
Eh, wrong forum mate :p

01-10-10, 09:15
I agree, wrong forum; but out of interest is 'Salmo' still around, as featured in the book 'The Restless Wind' ?