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09-09-09, 11:32
Came across this earlier today and thought someone here might be interested:


09-09-09, 17:25
I think I'm fine with the party boats that pass at the weekend thanks Tony. ;)

Depending on the amount of wine we've consumed we are occasionally known to run out onto the deck to have a quick jive or boogie to their music and it always results in cheers and waves from them.

There is a blue NB moored near Old Windsor now I think its called Senora, owned by Vince who while moored at Penton would often go passed us with a ghetto blaster on the roof and he was always dancing while steering.

Then there is one of the Dutch Barges up at Runnymede owned by a family of Rastafarians who place speakers the size of Portaloos on their decks for parties.

A defining moment for me must have been six years ago one warm Autumn evening coming downstream from Cliveden with the setting sun lighting up the wooded hillside whilst listening to Morcheeba. :cool:

09-09-09, 17:54
I have been known to blast out the Band of The Royal Marines on my Bose iPod dock when cruising ppast Hampton Court. On one memorably glorious sunday afternoon I played 'A Life on the Ocean Wave' and after much cheering and clapping from the crowd on the Barge Walk I turned round and ran back again with 'Colonel Bogie' ! Priceless :D

09-09-09, 18:52
"Band of The Royal Marines".... Thought that row was of your big ends knocking while at the same time a cat was being strangled...

That narrowboat was mentioned on R4 during the Today prog,sounds of a most melodious sort where being issued via hydrophone

10-09-09, 11:58
There was a report on this yesterday on the R4 Today prog. Interesting mix of sounds generated by underwater mics, recordings of the slow plonky plonky engine, and folk like vocals. Sounded a lot better than my description.

(wasARC MarineEveryman previously)