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05-10-09, 19:01
Anybody have uptodate info about leaving a uk boat in Portugal,especially Povo de Varzim,or Viana do castello, saludos!

05-10-09, 21:42
Povoa de Varzim is a really nice place, IMHO a lot better than Viana; well, they are both nice places, but if I'd want to leave the boat on the hard I'd choose Povoa

wide hard standing area, a few liveaboards both berthed and on the hard, *very* nice marina people, 30min metro to Porto airport, a couple of months ago an Outremer 50 (50' catamaran) was commissioned there so apparently basic services should be covered

very cheap too, both on the berth and on the ground, some people spent 95/98 euro a month for yearly contracts, it should be worth investigating IMHO

05-10-09, 21:48
Thats great,Met some english people in the summer who kept their boat in Pova,they also were pleased.I fogot to cross examin them!! In vestigating idea of keeping a boat there instead of flagging under Spanish flag,as I am a resident. Saludos

06-10-09, 07:17
Povoa de Varzim is an excellent place to leave a boat, with very friendly and helpful staff and most services available at low cost. Although there are boats afloat in the marina throughout the year, the winter months often bring SW gales, which send a heavy swell into the harbour and marina area. Last time we were there, we occupied the middle of a slip with 16 lines out and found it difficult to get dressed in the morning while standing up!
Everything else is positive - plenty of hardstanding with cradles for hire at very reasonable rates. I can recommend a gentleman called Tomane who has a small chandlery/boat maintenance business in the marina. If he can not supply a service that you need, he will find someone who can - including a good sailmaker, carpenter, upholsterer and so on..
As Roberto says, there are convenient communications with Porto and the Airport by Metro and the town itself is a short walk away.

06-10-09, 08:15
Thanks,interesting about the winter storm swell.For most of the time I think the boat will be ashore,I had one winter in the rias with storm swell not a good idea if you are not about to look after the moorings etc.

11-10-09, 10:42
Wher in the Rias did you winter Mogy?
Is Bayonna possible, or Vigo.

11-10-09, 19:31
Wher in the Rias did you winter Mogy?
Is Bayonna possible, or Vigo.

Well I didnt winter as such but had a permanent mooring in Aguete,Ria de Pontevedra.Im afraid dont have any info on that but Cangas has had various uk yachts wintering ,not much detectable swell in the marina.There is a newer marina at Moaña further up the ria de vigo but I wwould say more exposed to sw gales and swell.

12-10-09, 20:18
Well I didnt winter as such but had a permanent mooring in Aguete,Ria de Pontevedra.Im afraid dont have any info on that but Cangas has had various uk yachts wintering ,not much detectable swell in the marina.There is a newer marina at Moaña further up the ria de vigo but I wwould say more exposed to sw gales and swell.

I've just lifted out today in the small yard in Cangas, acting on advice given by Mogy earlier in the summer. The yachting marina here is pretty small and I doubt if there would be any spare winter berths. I was in Moana up until a couple of days ago and there are plenty of empty berths there. But facilites ashore in Moana and pretty basic -"squatter" toilet - not for creaky knees! In both Cangas and Moana ferry wash is a bit of a problem but nothing excessive. I haven't seen SW gales here; so really cannot comment but judging from the number of boats in both places left in the water, it should not be a problem.

12-10-09, 21:13
I have just had a very good report for the Tagus Yacht Centre at Loani, close to Lisbon. (220€ per month)

13-10-09, 22:05
I'm absolutely astounded at the praise for Povoa. Certainly it's very cheap, but that's all it's got.

IMHO it's a pretty awful place. The marina is in an area of waste land and if you walk through the dusty, unpleasant environs to the touristy bit of town..........well, that's quite horrid too!

However, if all you want is a cheap place to keep the boat, then Povoa might be the place.

The only saving grace for me was a brilliant fiesta (religious parade, street covered in flowers) on 15th August..... but to get to it you had to walk through the dusty waste land which by then had become a camping ground for portugese travellers, all down for the fiesta.

13-10-09, 22:18
I must drive down and have a look at Pova,such disparate poinions.I am afraid Spain and Portugal suffer insomuch as the man made yacht marinas are very concretey.In the early eighties all the little harbours on the Galician coast where as they had been for centuries,then Spain joined Europe and the Xunta just spent,spent and spent and land filled all the harbours and thats what you have now.

13-10-09, 22:42
I guess it's each one to its taste :smile:

Let's say we are all very rich and may freely choose our marina: some people are very happy in places like Lagos-on-sea, Cascais, Portimao or Vilamoura, personally I would expect to *be paid* to be berthed in the middle of a shopping centre.
Or in other words, should I have a 6 month free berthing "coupon" I'd choose Povoa, Viana, Sines or Nazaré way before any of the Algarve upbeat marinas.

Irrelevant of costs, it's a matter of personal preference, and if you just lift the boat out and put it on the hard all the agreements you have around may not be so necessary?

say Povoa, Viana Sines or Nazare are like Cangas, Moanas, Combarro..
Lagos, Vilamoura Cascais are more like Sanxenxo, Vilagarcia ?

13-10-09, 22:59
When we all get together in the Cafe Bar Marina in Cangas we look out across the main road,full of rushing cars,we catch a glimps of the car park and we wonder how is it possible for so called planners to give parked cars front seat view of the water.They are now building a another new fish landing/auction building so between the gas station and the award winning fishermans storage sheds you can just make out the Ria de Vigo!That said its only a quick stagger to the bar and not across a dusty plain.....

14-10-09, 00:36
Lovin it here in Povoa. Stopped in about 3 weeks ago, went back packing for a few days, now planning to stay 'till spring. Very cheap, nice friendly marina and good sized town.

Some nice liveaboards too + room for a few more!

14-10-09, 07:14
Well that sounds positive!!

14-10-09, 16:41
Saltwater Gypsy has the wrong name, thats our boat!
We came out at Tagus Yacht centre in Seixal, immediately south of the city in September. Its a commercial boatyard which is expanding and keen to encourage yachts to overwinter or for repair. There is a new dedicated hardstanding area with water and power, Male and female loos and showers( a bit basic, but the ladies even has a bidet, beat that!). English speaking brothers run it, its in the RCC pilot. 220€ amonth for a 12.6 metre yacht, for cash!
You can live aboard if you like, theres a Lidle in walking distance and a bigger supermarket 5 mins cycle. Ferries run to Lisbon from Seixal, and the airport is half an hour by taxi off peak.
Theres a good anchorage off Seixal if you want a look, follow the buoyed chanel to starboard after passing under the first bridge, past the naval college. They have a website which has full directions. And they do answer the phone!
We are there till April, and there is plenty of space as they are expanding slowly.

14-10-09, 19:06
Blimey- we thought Povoa was like the restaurant at the end of the universe without any food! It was cold and foggy when we arrived, with an incessant foghorn wailing; little swell outside but constant surging of boats and snatching of lines. Desolate surroundings with blowing tumbleweed. People we know there had significant damage to their boat when the waves came over the breakwater last winter.

positives= very friendly and helpful marina staff and cheap; good hard standing.

I guess if you want to leave your boat on the hard it would be a good place, but as a liveaboard wintering place - my word!

Viana do costelo- lovely place, wonderful town and much more sheltered marina- but lift out/hard standing not the same as Povoa.

14-10-09, 21:04
I've only visited Pavoa twice but found it a nice small place in spring and summer - never been in winter.
But appropo small almost deserted marinas for the winter being better than busier ones in larger towns - not sure I go with that one.
If it were me and I knew I had a whole wet winter in front the best places to stay would be the biggest cities I could find. IMHO lots of activity and new places to visit helps prevent hibernation.
But all horse for courses I guess.

14-10-09, 23:00
Caroldevon couldn't have described Povoa better, except that the incessant foghorn is not even a proper directional foghorn designed to be heard from seaward. It's just a second hand world war two airaid siren that sounds just as loud to landward as it does to seaward. It just typifies how horrible the place is! However, it does have a large hard and it's probably cheap. Incidently, the large cat mentioned in an earlier post was launched by a hired in crane, not by a facility on site at Povoa. Caroldevon is also right about the marina office girl. She couldn't be more helpful. But as a place to stay, even for a few days, it's the pits!

Caroldevon is also right about Vianna, it's lovely. Apart from Porto, it's the nicest place on the whole of the Portugese Atlantic coast.

Blimey.....sounds like Caroldevon is right about nearly everything!! Who is she???

15-10-09, 10:14
LOL! of course I'm right :-)

I'm cruising Iberia too- currently in Lagos . Shame Vianna is on the atlantic coast - but then again if it were down here it wouldn't be such an unspoiled genuine portugese town, I guess