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19-10-09, 18:26
Has anyone got an off-cut of the 4-core shielded cable used by Raymarine for their ST50/60 wind transducer? The cores are:- red, blue, green, yellow & shield. A 5 or 6 ft length would be fine.
( I know about Maplin etc. but I'd like to keep to the existing colour code, which I can't find elsewhere. )
Modest payment, or donation to my local lifeboat offered.

19-10-09, 18:54
I have loads of it,unfortunately it is on the boat & I willnot be back there until next spring..however if you are stuck and can wait that long I would be happy to let you have as much as you like.

19-10-09, 19:31
Thanks James,
The boat's ashore so my timescale isn't too pressing, but I don't want to leave it to the last minute. Can I leave your offer "in reserve" ?
Clive Brown

19-10-09, 19:51

20-10-09, 15:43
I have some, again on my boat but I will be going down next month 14th to 18th Nov, I will bring some back and contact you later.

20-10-09, 16:03
i fitted a st60+ a couple of week ago i have some of the cable.
I'm going to the boat tomorrow i'll sort it out and see how much there is.

20-10-09, 16:54
Thanks very much to you both. What a great response!!

Clive Brown