View Full Version : Whale Gusher 15 pump

09-12-09, 00:36
Acquired from my father: a brand new, boxed Gusher 15 double-acting bilge pump. Only one disadvantage: it's completely obsolete, and although I have heard that it's possible to use other Whale diaphragms, or make your own, I haven't been able to confirm this.

On the other hand, perhaps you already have one and have been trying to find spare parts, in which case this will do you fine.

How does twenty five quid plus postage at cost sound? I can deliver to Glasgow, Edinburgh or Milton Keynes railway stations ....

09-12-09, 10:39
Hi, is it a deck mounted or bulkhead mounted pump?

10-12-09, 01:37
Hi, is it a deck mounted or bulkhead mounted pump?

Bulkhead, but I think it could be deck mounted with a suitable deck plate. Perhaps a current Whale one would fit?

23-08-10, 10:32
Hi Ian,

None of my messages to you seem to work on the YBW system. Here is another attempt.
Would you please call me on 07956 264186 or email me on mwdt_ward@hotmail.com. I am on the south coast but happy to pay for courier/packaging cost.