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10-12-09, 20:36
I have a Garim 3 hand held gps ,it must be about 7years old and the memory battery is going down.
I have been told that Garmin charge almost as much as a new G P S to re-new the battery.

Does anyone have any info or know were to buy and how to replace the memory battery

Will be pleased to hear any views.

12-12-09, 19:17
I had a problem with my GPS 12 which may help you.
I had it runing from the external supply with no batteries in for about a year.
After this time the internal battery (or capacitor ?) was flat and the unit went into a complete re-initialisation every time you switched it on.

I cured it by putting some batteries in.
After a while it righted itself.
I assume the internal battery recharged ?

This might not be the symtoms yours displays but might help

12-12-09, 20:36

thread about batteries in garmins would thing all garmins are similar

edit : mentioned on here also

12-12-09, 21:26
If you are worried about doing it I will do it for you. I have done my own III, it's no big deal, but Garmin are not very helpful when it comes to sorting out old units yet a friend of mine sent his 12 for repair and they sent him a new (Reconditioned) one FOC, so you never know.