View Full Version : Cardiff/Penarth to Weston S Mare

14-12-09, 20:59
There's a possibility of us sailing from Cardiff or Penarth to Weston Super Mare on a Formula 18 Catamaran next year, where would be the best place to launch?

14-12-09, 21:17
Sounds like fun! :)

14-12-09, 21:21
Aye, should be a giggle. It's part of a planned company charity relay event from St Kilda to Southend, our bit is to get from Pendine to Bristol.

15-12-09, 01:21
If you want to go into Cardiff bay you would need to go through the barrage (locks). I think you would need a tow for that. You may be better contacting Penarth yacht club as their clubhouse is outside the barrage. If you really want to go into the bay, then you could contact one of the yacht clubs, CYC or CBYC, I am a member of CYC and could talk to someone there if you wish? Also Cardiff bay authority seem to like to help anything that brings publicity to the bay.

15-12-09, 15:54
Thanks, I think it'd be pretty cool to blat about in the bay before we go. I'll be in touch if we decide to try going from Cardiff.

Out of interest how far do you reckon is it from Cardiff - Weston S Mare? straight line at slack water.

15-12-09, 17:00
My guess for the distance would approximately 12 miles. You should note that there is almost no slack tide in areas of the Bristol channel. I assume your cat to be pretty quick, so heading across over high tide you should not have too much of a problem.

15-12-09, 20:23
12 miles would be a decent blast, just enough to work up a thirst. We've clocked 22kts so with the wind in the right direction we shouldn't have too many problems with tide.