View Full Version : Portishead social?

23-12-09, 10:21
Anyone doing the balloon party on the 27th? We will probably be down. Also anyone going down tonight for the xmas lights judging? At least 2 boats are decorated so the judges are at least going to have to make a decision :D

23-12-09, 18:32
I get the feeling that no one is doing the balloon party (Should have been mid November when it was a touch warmer)

I went out today, very cold about 0c ..... fantastic :-)

23-12-09, 22:28
Who glad you are keeping the mobos supported by going out and showing that some of us boat all year round. It has been to long since I was out.

24-12-09, 10:42
It seems the balloon party has now been cancelled due to lack of interest! Ah well.

Missed you down there yesterday then, I was down, Phil actually turned up to do the work so I'm all set to get out again. I had to change a belt when we went to MQ 2 weeks ago and I managed to round off one of the alternator bolts trying to loosen it. I couldln't shift it at all. Got Phil to put a new bolt in for me.

Planning for Sunday but not sure about the weather yet!

24-12-09, 20:24
The forecast is looking good for Sunday. I think I've persuaded the Shore Manager to come out for a quick trundle round. We might see you down there.

28-12-09, 10:40
Well we went down, got half way to Cardiff and turned back. My dad didn't like the bouncing! Ah well.