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10-02-10, 10:57
Hello all,

This June some friends and myself will be attempting to row from Oxford to walton on Thames in a 100 year old wooden skiff for charity. This is of course taken form Jerome K Jerome's epic novel!

Sadly, I will not be allowed to take Aquaholic with me with its engine and it's fridge and have been told to leave that in the Marina, and that I will have to row!.... However, am hoping to see a few of you en-route.

I wondered however if I could pick your collective brains?

We begin Friday 25th June 2010, and will be staying in Goring (The Swan at Streatley hotel) that evening.

What I need to do is find a place where we can launch both of the skiffs (there are 6 perople attemting it in 2 boats). Ideally somewhere about 18 miles upstream of the Swan at Streatley. The guy who owns the skiffs suggested by the Barley Mow pub at Clifton Hampden, but that may be a little too near to that evening's destination - and we don't want things to be too easy.

Any recommendations of where else we could launch?

Thanks for all your help - and hope to be putting some faces to names whilst we travel.


10-02-10, 11:08
Abingdon Boat Centre have a good slip and parking there or nearby if needed.

10-02-10, 11:14
Thanks Brayman... I did this trip a few years ago, and I think that is exactly where we started from that time. Is it right by a bridge? However this time we are trying to do it in 5 days instead of 6, and as we will have a late start on the friday, I think this may be a little too far to achieve in one day?

I seem to remember (and I could very well be wrong), that Abingdon boat centre to the Swan at Streatley/Goring was 26 miles, and I think the max that we could achieve in one day would be around 19 miles'ish. Any other suggestions in between Abingdon, and Clifton Hampden?

If you think I may be wrong on the distance I would welcome any input.

Thanks again

10-02-10, 11:29
I reckon Abingdon to Goring is about 19-20 miles, unfortunately I don't have my reference books here - they're on the boat of course.

10-02-10, 11:34
hahaha - yes...same prob for me too - everything is on the boat, and trying to sort this out from my office!

So if that is 19-20 miles guess it will be ideal, unless there is anywhere else in between.


10-02-10, 12:45

Thry the above.
Abingdon Lock to Goring Lock 20.1 miles and Abingdon Boat Centre at least 0.5 mile down from Abingdon lock.
Clifton Lock to Goring Lock 14.7 miles. Clifton Lock about 0.5 mile up from Barley Mow.

10-02-10, 13:51
That's a good link - thank you. So looks like we may have to try to go from Abingdon Boat house, unless anyone else can come up with a launching area slightly downstream from there?

10-02-10, 16:15
Abingdon to Goring should be an easy days row, done it myself many moons ago.

There is no proper slip between Abingdon and Clifton Hampdon, the only one is just downstream of Culham on the right, accessable by a track from the Appleford to Sutton Courtney road, wouldn't reccomend it though.

The slip at the Barley Mow isn't at the pub or caravan site but just opposite Clifton lock at "The Leys", i've launched there loads of time in the past and its better than Abingdon boat centre.

Really if your doing a proper 3 men in boat you should start from Oxford, the Donnington Bridge public slipway is easy access, but might be pushing it to get to Goring in a day but it is possible if you start early!

PS: Just remembered there is a slipway in Abingdon marina but that would only save less than mile.

10-02-10, 16:22
Thanks Chris... the problem is it is a fixed bench skiff, ie we row very slowly. We are unfit and we are starting late because the guy has to get the skiffs to Abingdon from walton, hence I wanted to try to cut a mile or two off.

You are right about where we are starting, but it's the best we can do because of time constraints.

Think we will just try to start as early as possible from Abingdon

Thanks to all for the help..

07-06-10, 14:34
Well time has flown by, am due to be rowing on Friday 25th June to Tuesday 29th.

If any of you see us en-route give us a wave (or preferably a cold beer!)

We will start at Abingdon, and rowing down to Walton on Thames, raising some funds for Cancer Research UK.