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16-02-10, 08:57
OK so you may say it's the wrong time of year to be thinking about this - but there's no harm in looking ahead. With a boat based in Devon we'll be lucky to get any sailing before April at the very earliest so we're still in "winter mode".

Looked at Almerimar on the web after Rivonia's post and just got to thinking "outside the box". So which places have you enjoyed ? Pleasant place ? Good base for some travel ? Reasonable prices ? Weather you liked ? (Me I've always fancied warmth with spring surrounding us with almond blossom but there are some who want snow in the winter - shiver). Would love to hear.


16-02-10, 10:10
You could do worse than the Algarve, especially the eastern half which has a lot less rain & close to Faro airport.

16-02-10, 10:12
Located on the Costa Calida coastline within the region of Murcia, the Mar Menor is Europe's largest salt water lake, having an area of 170km2 and a depth no greater than 7 metres it is a unique location. The saltpans to the north of the Mar Menor are some of the most important wetland areas in Europe with a rich and varied wildlife, and are particularly important for bird species of which there are many.

The Mar Menor was known to the ancients and was in fact settled during the Palaeolithic Era. The Phoenicians and Greeks knew of the Mar Menor and would have no doubt stopped off there whilst trading along this part of the coast. The Romans established settlements along the coast and were the first to understand the importance of the huge salt deposits to be found in this part of Spain, they began the salt extraction industry which still remains important to this day. The Romans called it Belich and used the Mar Menor as a harbour (it is believed to have been deeper at that time) and built Spas to make use of the healing powers of the salt water.

There were further settlements during the Arab occupation of Spain (8th to 13th Centuries) and the Moors were well aware of the healing properties of the salt water and founded some resorts (for instance Los Alcazares) as places of relaxation and recuperation, the Moors also put in place some excellent irrigation systems which enabled the hinterland of the Mar Menor to become an important area for agriculture. The Arabs also introduced some unique fishing methods which resulted in the Mar Menor having a successful fishing industry.

San Pedro del Pinatar was home to the HQ of the first 'Brotherhood of Fishermen' for the Mar Menor and the first fishing co-operative was also founded there in 1918.

The Mar Menor is formed by a narrow strip of land known as La Manga (The Sleeve) and in recent years this strip of land has seen massive development and is now covered with high-rise apartment blocks and hotels, the La Manga Club is a famous sports resort.

The Mar Menor is renowned for having a water temperature some 5 warmer than the surrounding Mediterranean Sea and many go to swim there all year round. many other go for the healing mud baths located at Lo Pagan which have become famous worldwide for their healing properties.

The Mar Menor has also developed into a popular water sports centre and is one of the best locations in Europe for windsurfing.

Also located on the Mar Menor is the town of San Javier, where the airport is located (often referred to as Murcia airport) which serves this whole region.

To the south of the Mar Menor is the ancient city of Cartagena where visitors can find some stunning monuments from Roman times and beyond.

16-02-10, 10:26
Not for everyone, I am sure, but I is loving Barcelona, Port Vell, safe and right in the thick of it!

16-02-10, 12:45
I ever enjoyed was at Marans, up the Sevre-Niortaise. Not only was it the most fun but it was also the cheapest @ 25/month equivalent.

The drawback could be the weather (-8C that winter).

Also pretty good was Gelves, Sevilla.

On the whole the Med is so overcrowded that the warmer weather is more than discounted by the other disadvantages though Argeles wasn't too bad. IMHO the whole of the Spanish Med coast sucks.

16-02-10, 15:57
Consider Valencia - a great city to explore / explore from and a very cheap marina as well. The facilities aren't Hilton class, but I've seen worse. Security is 2nd to none...

16-02-10, 16:55
Best place to winter? It's got to be the Grenadines.:p

16-02-10, 18:22
We spent two very pleasant winters in Lanzarote. Mostly mild, bit windy at times.
Short notice flights a bit pricey, but if you can shop about, bargains can be had.
Food and booze very reasonable.

Would definitely do it again.

16-02-10, 20:42
My very favourite place was the Island of BEQUI caribbean. People say if you visit and stay more the 31 days you will always return, how true.


16-02-10, 21:42
Another vote for the caribbean! Or if you don't want to go that far the East Algarve is a great alternative.

16-02-10, 22:37
Another vote for The Grenadines.