View Full Version : Piracy Attack As Heard By Us

24-03-10, 13:51
Last night another commercial vessel was attacked and boarded by pirates and we overheard the conversation between a coalition warship and the motor vessel in question. For obvious reasons I am not saying which attack it was but I was able to record the second half of the conversation between the coalition warship and another warship in the area, which we will release as a podcast in due course.

We had been monitoring VHF CH16 and the international task force channel for communication, 72. At around 8pm last night we heard the following conversation. Bear in mind it is normal protocol for warships to ask standard questions in order to gain an understanding of the type of vessel they are dealing with. The first part is from memory and the second is transcribed from the recording I took.

Check it out here (http://www.followtheboat.com/2010/03/24/piracy-attack-as-heard-by-followtheboat/).