View Full Version : GRANITE edging stones from grave

03-04-10, 13:54
I am having a clear out on the farm. There are SIX granite long setts, about 6ft long, approx s6ins by 4 ins, a couple of corner posts and cross pieces.

They have been sitting in a field waiting to be used for over 20 years, but now no longer required by owner (me).

I can send photos if you want.

Best offer by next Weds, and half goes to Help for Heroes or RNLI.

SNAG! Total weight is about 1200 kg, so don't hink these are going to fit in the boot of your car.

03-04-10, 18:45
whats the dead weight ?

03-04-10, 18:53
...... no longer required by owner (me)..............

you would make more money selling your secret.

04-04-10, 17:58
PM sent :)

07-04-10, 20:32
whats the dead weight ?

That's a pretty grave question! :D

07-04-10, 20:52
That's quite an undertaking!

13-04-10, 15:56
If I had bought them, it would have been the death of me! :o