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16-05-10, 00:22
Please see thread:
to save too much repetition.

If enough guys want any of these things, I can place a bulk cost order.

They come as kits that you need to solder yourself.

Flashing LEDS 5
Mobile phone switch on thing (mobile phone not included) 14
Dog barking kit 35 (you need to get a speaker too)
piezo shock sensor kit 5
extra piezo sensors that can be wired into the above trigger 1
Very loud siren 5.5

Drop me pms if interested and if get enough interest will place order.
I will let you all know whether enough interest is shown and deal goes ahead or not.

paypal only. Post at whatever the cost is.

Burglars please ignore all this. If the lights are on, then we are all on our boats, so bog off!

16-05-10, 08:21
How does the dog barking thing work?

16-05-10, 09:27
I've just managed to figure out how to upload to youtube:

There is a microphone on the circuit board (you could use a long wire and mount it anywhere though).

The sensitivity is adjustable.

When it hears a sound (crash, bang etc), it sets off the dog barking generator. (12Volt DC obviously)

You can select the type of bark - I go for a deep, gruff,big dog bark.

The barks last for random number of seconds and the number of barks are random, so burglar doesn't twig it is a recording or something.

You can set the output volume - I wired mine up to a large speaker and mounted the speaker in middle of boat to make it sound like they'd woken the dog up.

My kit cost me 55 many years back. They've come down in price a bit now, luckily.

At my sailing club I bought in about 50 of the flashing lights and we put up signs stating that all boats are alarmed. The moorings really do twinkle now and even if all boats aren't alarmed, hopefully thieves will think twice and go somewhere else.

16-05-10, 11:15
Mobile phone switch on thing (mobile phone not included) 14

Where did you buy that?

16-05-10, 13:12
I didn't. It was sent as a free sample to work. I guess they hope we will order a load.

We have played around with it only so far. We ran it from a 12V lead acid battery at the top of a hill about a mile away. When we call the mobile phone (an old one that's not used anymore), a relay is triggered that powered a motor and raised a flag.

We even ran it from dry cell 12V batteries (smaller than AAA size) but obviously they would not power the motor, so we just used them to turn some LEDs on and off.

I stuck it on my boat which is on a swinging mooring and used it to turn lights on and off.

Imagination is the only limit with it I figure. I'm not all that clued up with electronics, but I managed to solder it together ok and have a bit of fun.

16-05-10, 17:33
When we call the mobile phone (an old one that's not used anymore), a relay is triggered that powered a motor and raised a flag.

So it's really a bomb making kit then?

I have a bag of tacks (a la Slocum in the Magellan Straits) for sale for a couple of squid.

17-05-10, 10:39
I got a nude picture of the wife on my washboards.
Seems to keep thieves away.

23-05-10, 16:32
Order sent off.
Will post to you guys once it's been delivered to work. Hope it helps keep the crooks away.

27-05-10, 21:19
The price for the phone trigger device was 7 and not 14.
Dog barker thing 25.

All others correct.
I will contact everyone individually with the good news too.
No more orders though please. Got a lot of posting to do now.