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19-05-10, 11:51
Does anyone know if the published bridge heights are clearances to the peak of arched bridges, or a useable height over a width of, say, 12 ft

19-05-10, 16:37
The bridge heights on the visitthames.co.uk are described as "the distance between the standard water level and the highest point of the bridge" so this is presumably to the peak of the arch.

19-05-10, 18:04
Beware! Most locks do not keep their reach at "Standard Head Water Level". You will therefore need contact the relevant lock to find out what the "normal level" is and adjust the figures accordingly

20-05-10, 17:25
Good advice from Shades !

If your air draft is anywhere near the height quoted , make sure you make contact with the lock before the bridge first and ask them.

20-05-10, 22:14
With arch up we are very tight on Windsor Bridge. I ask the keeper's advice at Romney and the recomendation is alway, "if in doubt,drop it". What air draught do you need?