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14-07-10, 17:45
Do we have any liveaboard musicians on this forum? I have been having trouble finding a solution for keeping my instruments on the boat. Not only do they take up a lot of my precious space (amazing how small 53' can feel when you start living on board!) but they seem to suffer in the constantly changing climate. Has anyone found a good solution to this problem?

15-07-10, 10:24
Im a guitarist. PTFE coated strings last a lot longer than normal ones, though cost more.

15-07-10, 12:27
We carry two guitars, 6 penny whistles, 1 descant recorder and a set of bongos!! All stored in various places and so far no warping effects on the guitars (we use Phosphor Bronze strings), although the bongos are affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

We have met plenty of musicians on our travels and play loads when we do meet up with musical boaters.

16-07-10, 10:03
I am a drummer and there isn't much room for a 5 piece drumkit on our boat :-(

So have bought myself a ukulele for when we go liveaboard next year :-)

16-07-10, 19:25
We got two guitars, both accoustic, one is a fairly expensive Gibson.
I keep the Gibson out all the time weather on the move or sitting in a marina, the other is in a case stashed in the v-berth.
Also got a fiddle kept in a case until i get round to learning the thing.
Box of whistles, easy to keep, cant play them yet either....
Looking to add to the guitars with an electric.
Just finished getting a small recording system set up as well.
This consists of a dedicated laptop running Cubase 5, a half size midi keyboard, an M-Audio studio pro and various other gadgets.
The best part of all this is it all runs from the laptop, so not power hungry, the boats own sound system is wired up as monitors and head phones for recording.
Technology has allowed huge changes for living aboard...
We run a dehumidifier when on shore power, and try to keep the boat at a comfy temperture....
Been doing this for 5 years now and had no problems with any of the kit, the type of boat we have helps, she is very dry and not to difficult to keep that way, I do keep my guitars clean and change strings regularly or depending on what im doing....
Sounds like you have a lot more space than me, i would like to have a dedicated space/cabin so i could leave the recording kit set up permanently.
We do travel and sail as well, and to date had no problems.....

17-07-10, 10:25
We have a stage piano in the saloon table (where lots of people have a drinks cabinet). It was condition of me being allowed to buy the boat...

17-07-10, 14:47
had two sets of bagpipes on board for past 7 years, in south france italy now back in uk never had problems, (although they not historically a musical instrument still classed as an instrument of war)