View Full Version : Auto engine fire extinguisher system

13-08-10, 06:00
As title says really. Engine room about 3 cubic metres.

13-08-10, 11:04
the boat's previous owner fitted a couple of simple automatic gas fire extinguishers.


You can get complicated systems with sensors and heat sensitive cables (there a was a PBO article about 3 years ago) but for a small engine compartment, I'd say the standalone units are OK.

You will need a means of stopping the fuel supply to the engine as, when the gas clears, there might be sufficient residual heat to restart the fire if fuel is loose, say from a broken pipe.

CO2 hand extinguishers are my preferred response, if no auto one is installed. Powder and AFF are not kind to electrical and electronic systems.

Did you discover what caused the engine to stop, the other week, BTW ?

16-08-10, 12:21
Yes,blocked oil filter , so i shut it down. Luckily it had Prolong in there so no damage done.